Free Passes: Solange Knowles

I don’t consider myself a stan of anyone besides Britney but there are a few people who can do no wrong in my eyes. Today, I will focus on Solange Knowles.

There is a story to this. Don’t you worry.

After I graduated college in the summer of 2012, things slowly started to unravel for me. My panic attacks, which had subsided for many years, returned with a vengeance and I found it hard to leave my apartment.

That fall, my sister graduated college as well in Florida and my family was going down to celebrate that and Thanksgiving. I’ve flown to Florida several times but this time was different. In what clocks in as my longest panic attack to date, I spent a solid 12 hours in a constant state of nausea and crippling fear.

My only saving grace were the little TVs that JetBlue provided (this was the only time I flew JetBlue and I still regret that I couldn’t fully enjoy the idea of watching TV on a damn plane). At a point when I diagnosed myself with 100% organ failure and was praying to every respective deity to crash my plane to end my misery, the music video for Solange’s Losing You came on. It was 4 minutes and 22 seconds of relief. I don’t know why that specific song affected me in that way but in those moments, I was free of my anxiety.

Of course, my respite was short-lived but that song has always brought me great peace since then.

Full Disclosure: I was also going to talk about how watching episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter on the plane also helped but I forgot he used the n-word a lot and his free pass was revoked.



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